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Gene: HK2

GeneName HK2
GeneID ENSG00000159399
GeneExpression: foldchange 3.36
GeneExpression: p-value 3.18e-11
GeneExpression: survival -
SNPSurvival: p-value -
DNABand 2p12
Protein Interactions P52789
GeneDesc hexokinase 2 [Source:HGNC Symbol;Acc:4923]
Aliases 3099,DKFZP686M1669,ENSG00000159399,HK2,HKII,HXK2,P52789
TranscriptExpression:Min 3.29
TranscriptExpression:Max 4.42
TranscriptExpression:Survival -
CGH Gain: freq -
CGH Gain: exp-cor -
CGH Loss: freq -
CGH Loss: exp-cor -
CGHSurvival: p-value -
Methylation: M value -
Methylation: M SD -
Methylation: survival -
CNAmet: score -

Splice variant (3 entries)

TranscriptID ENST00000290573 (external)
GeneID HK2
FoldChange 3.29
PValue 2.80e-8
SurvivalPValue -
TranscriptID ENST00000409174 (external)
GeneID HK2
FoldChange -
PValue -
SurvivalPValue -
TranscriptID ENST00000535740 (external)
GeneID HK2
FoldChange 4.42
PValue 1.10e-7
SurvivalPValue -

KEGG pathway (10 entries)

Pathway hsa00010
Name Glycolysis / Gluconeogenesis
Pathway hsa00051
Name Fructose and mannose metabolism
Pathway hsa00052
Name Galactose metabolism
Pathway hsa00500
Name Starch and sucrose metabolism
Pathway hsa00520
Name Amino sugar and nucleotide sugar metabolism
Pathway hsa00524
Name Butirosin and neomycin biosynthesis
Pathway hsa01100
Name Metabolic pathways
Pathway hsa04910
Name Insulin signaling pathway
Pathway hsa04930
Name Type II diabetes mellitus
Pathway hsa04973
Name Carbohydrate digestion and absorption