Systematic Use of Computational Methods Allows Stratifying Treatment Responders in Glioblastoma Multiforme

Comprehensive analysis of these heterogeneous data requires a collaborative effort of a team of bioinformaticians and infrastructure that facilitates the integration of several analysis and data sources. We have analyzed temozolomide treated glioblastoma patient data using the Anduril analysis framework. Our analysis demonstrates the importance of involving multiple data sources and analysis methods in a structured and comprehensive analysis of large-scale cancer data. The analysis is implemented as a workflow in the Anduril bioinformatics framework.


Analysis results for GBM patients submitted to the CAMDA'11 challenge.

Source codes

All the source codes are available unrestricted. The analysis has been written in AnduriScript using Anduril components. The Anduril component API gives additional details for the components. Below you will find descriptions and direct links to some of the more central parts of the analysis.

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