Contact information

Anna Vähärautio,
PhD, Academy Research Fellow

Haartmaninkatu 8 (PO Box 63)
00014 University of Helsinki

E-mail: firstname.lastname



Single-cell transcriptomics laboratory

We are a new research group in Medicum, University of Helsinki, focusing on single-cell studies. Enabled by novel technological advances, single-cell transcriptomics is a new field that opens up genome-wide gene expression in an unperceived precision: on the level of an individual cell. This is important, as the set of genes expressed is both temporal and varies between cells within same tissue. Thus only single-cell data contains information of gene co-expression patterns and cell cycle phases linked to each expression pattern. Also, clinical tissue samples rarely contain only one cell type and one cell population, and thus transcriptomes need to be studied individually for each cell to obtain meaningful transcriptomes in contrast to a bulk sample average expression.

Interested to join our new team? Apply for a PhD student/ postdoctoral position to study cancer in single-cell level by sending your CV including publications and contact information for three references in a single PDF document to anna.vaharautio (at)